5 Things To Make Your Mornings Better | A Monk’s Perspective

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5 Things To Make Your Mornings Better | A Monk’s Perspective

Nowadays, the topic of morning routines are beginning to gain traction due to social media. Morning routines are important; however, many morning routines come from the "productivity" point of view. In this video, I wanted to share the morning routine of Buddhist monks and our training within the monastery. In this video, I give you 5 morning routines tips that you can add to your daily life along with the overall intention and purpose of our morning routines. I hope this video helps you to ground yourself and improve your current practice. Enjoy!

0:00 Intro
1:20 Get centered & reflect on death
5:00 Make your bed
7:26 Chanting and meditation
10:40 Do an act of generosity
14:37 Do chores
16:10 Bonus Tip: Limit your dinner
18:13 Purpose of morning routine 1
20:00 Purpose of morning routine 2

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  • What does your morning routine look like?

    • Wake to calm music and calm thinking, meditate 10 minutes and sip lemon water. Start stretching and do physical chores as I finish 2 cups of lemon water. Prepare for my daily 20 min or more of yoga. Do my yoga and then my walk or other cardio (always try to fit in 20 minutes or more of cardio by the afternoon) Prepare breakfast and prepare for my day depending on if I work, stay home or go out on errands. I do not have a set daily work schedule so I must prepare my energy and focus differently each day. Matching the energy to the task is a challenge, since I do different things each day. I seek better comfort in rythme because I know I must avoid brain/energy burn-out. So I need to chill to keep anxiety lower and adjust my adrenaline. I am always switching gears to meet the different tasks I must do. I work in swirly bumpy ride types of jobs. Teaching and customer service.

    • On a good day I don’t immediately grab my phone… but most days I grab my phone and put on something to listen to… I realized listening to you that I am uncomfortable sitting in silence …I sleep with a noise machine …I listen to guided meditations …or the have on a podcast! Yikes! That was eye opening! I thought I was doing pretty good because I’m not immediately checking emails or texting or getting on social media…but I am pretty far from the 5 good habits! The first thing I’m going to work on is ending the day with gratitude in my mind so that I will wake up with gratitude in my mind. I don’t remember dreams too well but if I can control my morning thoughts that would be huge! Baby steps

    • I do breathing exercises, then I meditate, then I give food to my cat and taking care of my plants, after this I take a shower and wash myself and then I eat a light raw vegan breakfast. After all of this I start working :-)

    • I just wake up at 6.30 and workout and make breakfast and be ready for my online teaching classes simultaneously. Running, running and running 😢

    • I am trying to wake up at 4 , but failed every everyday , 10 years ago I used to wake 3:30, and get showered before meditation, but now I am trying hard everyday to get back to the same path . 😢

  • Hello Venerable Nick, and thank you for these insights. I have a few questions: may I ask which Buddhist tradition you and your fellow brothers follow (Mahayana, etc.)? Is yoga a part of your routine?Third, I assume you are all vegetarian or vegan? How do you get enough protein to keep your metabolism going? I also assume that alcohol or caffeine is a no-no? May you reach enlightenment in this lifetime...

  • There’s no coincidence- morning and mourning are the same pronunciation

  • What an amazing video! Thank you! ❤️

  • So helpful thank you 🥰

  • So Grateful for your wisdom 🙏 & When people ask my morning routine I say them I wake up by 4am or max 4.30 for my spiritual meditation practice they get surprised & I can connect with you how important part of life is to practice meditation and specially for this generation to come.."Stillness is the key to success " ,Yes its indeed & calm n still mind can do wonders in your life that you will never imagine & last your thoughts becomes reality so think & live consciously & chose your friends & whom you hang around wisely PERIOD!

  • I tried this thing of not thinking anything and I fell asleep!

  • Extraordinary content. Thank you so much, Nick

  • Wow, you answer all the messages!! could be nice something like Budha had a youtube channel and answered all the people in the world. Well, this is something like that :D. I want to ask if you listen to Krishnamurti, he said that meditation is not like training because training has a purpose and for that, you need the ego, so meditation is more like only observe with attention but only observe without a choice of a specific topic for observing (for example could be observing how do you want to choose one topic for think about that) and that is like the key for stop training and really stay in contact with the present, I don't know if you thought something like that before, observing who is training and reflecting about death for example. I remember when I was doing a project about how to be happy, I excitedly told a friend about my project and he told me, why do you need to work to be happy if you don't need to do anything to be happy? and I thought, what a party pooper, because I didn't want to stop doing my project. But now I think that he was right.

  • I’m grateful to have found you. I have so many questions!

  • Nick - when do you brush your teeth? Wash your face?

  • so please help me i want to become a monk life for 2months i am from india plz help me

  • It's good advice but I can't help but feel disappointed there are no women. It's like we don't exist. So sad

  • Modern. Relevant. And yet timeless wisdom🙏

  • Thank you 🙏

  • Thank you 🙏🙏✨✨

  • You speak with so much wisdom and compassion.

  • People who give are opening their person for spiritual blessings.

  • ‘Get a centred and reflect on death’ made me laugh so much

  • I'm so happy I found you and your videos. This is exactly what I (and I think so many people with me) need right now. Thank you, I feel incredibly grateful!

  • Thank you

  • I agree with this video on the whole however from a making the bed point of view, it is recommended we do not make our bed first thing from a health perspective, you should open your windows and leave your duvet or blanket open to air it out, it minimises the risk of bed bugs etc. You could do something else in the absence of this and do that as your first action in the morning to signal to your mind that the morning has begun and your day is set right. This is speaking from a Western country like the UK perspective where you are in a closed room with a bed, mattress etc. In India and other places like that, the bed would be rolled up every morning.

  • Things that stood out the most for me - 1. Waking up and just laying on bed doing nothing just being still and present. 2. Doing chores, mainly cleaning your room and surroundings, to get in touch with the earth and focusing on cleanliness and again being present 3. Not having heavy dinner, cuz body is using energy to digest the heavy food meanwhile we're trying to sleep. 4. Giving food, the idea behind it not being greedy makes this practice more wonderful. Thank you for sharing this knowledge

  • Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us

  • Thank you for teaching essential life skills wich has been extinct in the world. Namastè 🙏 ♥

  • I do not have a morning routine, but should. Being retired and disabled I just take the day as it comes. I do need to wake up, make my bed and then give, serve and love.

  • May all sentient beings live without suffering and in a state of peace and serenity.

  • Thank you so much, your talk is very inspiring. It occurred to me while I was listening to you how wonderful it is that I can listen to your talk from my couch in California. The pilgrimages people have taken for morsels of wisdom, and how lucky I am that it can just pop up in my feed.

    • That's is very true. I think this is how we can use technology in a positive way. Greetings to you from Thailand my friend 😊

  • I love practicing my version of these routines for myself. And as a teacher, I enjoy sharing ideas of how to live well. Most of my students are teens but even they appreciate these routines!

    • @Nick Keomahavong Yes, these daily habits should be instilled in all children, or if not, later in life, as you say. Though all my English students may not appreciate everything I share *with them (*collocation of the preposition "with" with the verb "share") I know these simple yet important daily routines will guide them towards inner peace. these steps are the beautiful unravelling and detangling of the complex days we have. In having a clean path of daily routines in the classroom, teachers help release the worry of uncertainty, easing the tension in our nerves and help students start feeling secure and centered in the classroom environment. The same should be done for life outside the classroom. I like the the rythme in my body too, the muscle memory of physical exercise and meditation. Finally, I am by nature lazy, not having to think about each thing I do each day, "just going about my business," frees up my working memory and makes me more efficient.

    • Beautiful Eve. Thank you so much for sharing it to your students. That's wonderful ☺️☺️

  • Thank you! 💚

  • Wow thankyou so much

  • Thank-you Nick for giving your time and words. Reading the comments gave me some deep insights too. So many people have confided their suffering . I wish them peace. 🙏🏼❤️ Morning routine rhyme: think breath & death make bed & bow-head meditate & donate mindful cleaning Your video makes me want to enhance my morning routine. It includes airing my bedsheets and exposing them to the rising sun. I feed my fish in the ponds and observe & listen to nature : sky birds, insects, bees plants, flowers, trees, & stones I also enjoy caring for my body, in particular brushing my hair. One of the comments said that doing household chores was an act of giving to myself. This is a beautiful perspective on our daily routines. The action is the same but the purpose has changed. The chore becomes an act of love. I often want to benefit from a walking meditation and yoga but the day’s pressure is too often already there: I get caught up in a chain of urgent tasks. All giving to others should just by positive thoughts be converted into beautiful gestures. Bless you Nick!

  • This is Awesome advice. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you. 🌺

  • Beautiful. Love this talk.

  • Simple words of wisdom. Thank you brother.

  • My Grandma would say to me becareful when you go to sleep you might not wake up so i thought it scared me but i was ok in the mornin but it left me that nite to just think very scared DO NOT TAKE EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED

  • Waaw. I did not know. Thank u for sharing. I now wil change my perception of how I see things and do things. God bless u. I always follow Buddist advice. As people are so independant these days. No time to talk to anyone. So I draw my wisdom from these sayings. Thank u... I am muslim... when we giving its helps to remove bad energy from our lives... also keeps one very happy..

    • I'm glad it's helpful my friend 😊😊

  • Thank you so much..

  • help my mum sent me this😭🤦‍♀️

  • I'm a semi-early riser. I experienced the variety of job shift schedules this year and had the experience of waking up at 4:30 daily. I now generally wake up 7-8 am although my goal is be up at 6:30 consistently. Working remotely is definitely testing my self discipline to acheive this goal but I'll make it happen.

    • Wonderful. You got this my friend 😊😊

  • Randomly woke up at 0415 this morning. Fed my dog and listened to the rain outside my kitchen window as he crunched away on his food. Something I never get to do because I normally jump out of bed and hit the ground running for the day. I was meant to watch this video because I started it exactly at 0430 and got a chill when you said the time your day starts. I need to work on being more present so this video is now saved in my playlist. Thank You!

    • Beautiful my friend. Perfect timing indeed ☺️☺️

  • Thanks

  • Hi Nick! I love this advice and do some things very similar. I am curious what your thoughts are on journaling. I journal to help get the overwhelming flood of thoughts out of my head. I free write in my journal. I usually do this before meditation and yoga so I can feel like my mind is more clear. I’m just curious. What are your thoughts on journaling?

    • Yes I actually did a videos specifically about this topic. Feel free to check it out. It's about 5 journaling ideas. But yes journaling can be helpful.

  • This was so beautiful and I thank so much for addressing the issue from the root... the children... you may be young but are wise already with what you speak of and have experienced. It was a very loud but a friendly reminder for myself to listen to you this morning if that makes any sense... thank you it is funny how sometimes we stumble upon things when we may be feeling lost... or stuck or stagnant... thank you for your light namaste ❤️🌺

    • Wonderful. I'm glad the message resonates with you. Thank you ☺️☺️

  • How do i get centered?

    • That's a great question. Taking a deep breath and bringing your awareness back to this present moment.

  • Each and every point spoken here is a gem. I never looked at making my bed a big deal but now i have started doing it as a meditative chore. Awesome nuggets. Thank you Nick

    • Beautiful my friend. I'm happy that you are able to put it into practice. Keep up the great work my friend :-)

  • It's wonderful

  • I will now feed my dog every morning with gratitude. She is adopted (my granddad had a stroke.) It kind of feels like my duty in life is to care of her.

    • Yes it's a wonderful thing you are doing 😊😊

  • Thank you so much 🙏

    • You're welcome victor. Glad you enjoyed it 😊

  • Thank thank you! I just discovered your video and even if all was interesting, what you explained for children and teenager will help me a lot! I just realised that it is the big problem,of my daughter a teenager with a lot of issues. I will replay your video several times!

    • Wonderful. I'm glad it's helpful Carmen. I hope it will help your daughter as well 😊🙂

  • So glad this came to my youtube. I just saw some Budist Bonks yesterday walking by their temple and it made me curious.

    • Wonderful my friend. Welcome to the channel 😌😌

  • at what point in the routine do you eat breakfast?

    • We eat breakfast around 7am and lunch at 11am

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you! I never thought about morning routines as a way of stillness - but rather another way of getting things done. That is a wonderful way of thinking and i will definitely give it a try. Thank you!

    • Wonderful Peter. Yes give it a try and please keep us updated 😊☺️

  • Hi all, if you have time I'd like to share some Wisdom I gleaned from Buddhism in some detail. May you find it useful. In this video, I explain in more detail the Buddhist concept of near and far enemies to all our virtues. The virtues are literally our modes of interacting with the laws of reality that involved factoring in all information abstract and concrete (WHOLEsome) and around the right way (Integrity) I also show as well as the 3 poisons mentioned by Buddha, we can see there are 3 powers and 3 perversions found in all vice. in-cd.com/chart/v-iy/foV9x7Kib5K2g80.html

  • Bhaiya Nick. continuously share your wisdom you are a good ripple if pure goodness

    • Sadhu Sadhu 😊😊 thank you so much treesha.

  • I've been having a similar morning routine, thank you Nick for sharing this with the world, I will use this knowledge to have an even more centered morning routine.

  • So much wisdom in one video of morning routine. I'm saving it and will be watching it many more times!)) Thank you. 😊

    • Wonderful my friend 😊 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you

  • I have a question for you, Bother: how dould you go about best utilizing the gift of the internet to minimize the damage of the rate at which Wrong-Thinking can spesad across it?

    • Well we need first to fix and clean the human mind. We need to purify it. When people are purified, they will use technology in a more beneficial way

  • “Your mind is already still from the nights sleep” clearly they haven’t been in my mind lmao

  • What do we chant?

    • I made two videos recently on chanting. The dhammachak and morning chanting/evening chanting. Feel free to check it out.

  • I just want to be a monk. Forget the rat race.

  • Enjoyed your life lesson and I’m going to practice these techniques especially the breathing process in the morning upon waking and before getting out of bed. Thank you!

    • Wonderful. Yes definitely try it out and keep us updated 😊🙂

  • Thank you for these blessings 🙏.. I have been praying for more guidance to build a better foundation for myself and family. My gratitude forever 🙏

  • This is great. I'm so grateful I landed on your channel. Thanks Nick👍

  • Great Video

  • How do you start this routine or a part of it for young school kids . Like fold your blanket , clean bed. But meditation?

  • I really needed this and I didn't even search for it. It just showed up in my recommendations like the universe was giving me a sign while I'm stressing over my investments 😂

  • Rutinlerinizden biride Arakandaki Muslumanlari öldürmek mi acaba?

  • Thanks

  • I come here for things to make my morning better but it turn out more to things make my life better ._.

  • Thank you for this video ❤️💫

  • "So now let's talk about your kids. . . Yes! I'm gonna go there." Brilliant! Distress Tolerance is a great skill to teach your kids!

  • Excellent I will start practicing from today itself self transformation

  • When you sleep on the floor in the living room with a blanket and a pillow and you use the blanket for the morning because its always cold 👁👄👁

  • I appreciate this information! Does anyone know of a podcast that can talk you through a good wake up/morning routine?

  • ♥♥♥♥

  • Thank you. How can we help our kids develop a morning routine with these points? I would love to have a video for them.

  • Seeking comfort, freedom, and pleasure allowed my mind to become soft and weak… Time to train and regain my mental strength. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom

  • กราบนมัสการเจ้าค่ะ ...โยมจะฝึกทำตามและปฏิบัติตามค่ะ ลองทำได้ 1 วัน และจะพยายามฝึกตนเองให้ทำได้ทุกวันในการตื่นเช้าค่ะ กราบขอบพระคุณค่ะหลวงพี่นิค 🙏

  • We wake up early too like 4, 4.30 ..😊😅

  • You explain so well. It is very easy to understand. Very enjoyable. My brother became a monk and it helps me to understand his choice.

  • blessings your way and to everyone on here .. ty for your knowledge :)

  • Thank you.

  • No doubt these are all excellent techniques for living a more peaceful and purposeful life, but I'm not sure how a young mother woken by a toddler (after a broken sleep of perhaps four hours) and who has to get the baby changed and the six-year-old off to school before she goes to work is going to be able to put them into practice. This advice is all very well for a celibate male who has no job outside the monastery and whose life is governed by an organized communal ethic, but for some of us it's not very helpful. I remember my TM teacher in the seventies saying we should meditate before breakfast and before dinner. I asked him how women were supposed to be able to do that when we were the ones making the breakfast and dinner (as is still usually the case) and supervising the kids. He seemed baffled and made no response. Of course, given the state of the world and its gross overpopulation, it might be a good idea if we all piled into monasteries and didn't reproduce.

  • por mucho el mejor video de youtube que he visto, muchas gracias por compartir tu sabiduría :)

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ll be more mindful of my morning routine.👍More power to you! 👏🙏

  • How do you meditate? I hear different things from everyone.

  • If I can trade my second robe for a memory foam pillow, sign me up.

  • 1:28 it starts

  • Such good advice .Seems simple but it takes a lot of discipline to do this.And if one can do it you are set on the path..of conscious living.❤

  • I wake very early and take time to listen to the sounds of nature. At 5am, I make tea, and am definitely in the moment as i drink it outside with the birds and with the fox as he goes home.. Then i go back to bed and reflect.

  • it hit me very hard when you talked about taking the time later for your body when you get sick. I'm kinda overweight and never do about it because I thought I was never in the stage of obesity. But.. just this year, the disc on my spine / lowerback has swollen and is affecting my nerves and cannot even sit more than 30 minutes without feeling the pain. I always had the time. I went to the gym but the intention was not there. Now I just look at it as a new chapter of my life, that I am being challenged and I know I can do it. My work life has been heavily affected as well as my income but I just dont wanna think about money anymore. I just wanna have this inbber peace.

  • Do you own a cellphone and a wallet? Do you search online? Asking Cz you said you only own 3 things, is this a way of living or temporary? What about family?

  • O Ughana guy Hama Ughana ughana I just rrddxc