A BILLIONAIRE told me how to make BILLION DOLLARS...here's my plan...

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Welcome to Alex Hormozi's channel, where we talk about how to get more customers, make more profit per customer, and keep them longer, and the many failures and lessons we have learned along the way to $100M in sales. We've got roll up your sleeves kind of hustle with a little bit of cleverness and a lot of heart. Hosted by Alex Hormozi.

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  • Your stash made me comment. Love IT

  • To turn $100 into $110 is work. To turn 100 million into $110 million is inevitable.

  • Your business is making how much per year?

  • Just found your channel. Feels like I've discovered a gold mine.

  • KEY. Great video Alex! Thank you, I'm from Argentina & I'm learning a lot from you!

  • Which 70 y.o.? If its Michael Gerber this is a sign. If not it's still a sign lol

  • ❤️

  • So basically what I'm hearing is, you get rich by not trying to get rich. Of course, grind it out but money isn't the goal... I'll be thinking about this video for a while...

  • This was so impactful. Thank you tremendously! Thank you for dedicating your time and wisdom to sharing this with us. Thats love and dedication.

  • Cool brocha

  • Where to start 🤔

  • Did you ever use alternative ways to pay for debt!

  • Was that guy Jeff Bezos?


  • A BILLIONAIRE told me how to make BILLION DOLLARS... His answer, be born into a very rich family.

  • Sounds like Robert Kiyosaki

  • “ we are all 3 hires away from all the growth we want” 🔥🔥🔥

  • I love aircraft et have many affluent people due my interest A buddy of mine for a decade or so

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  • Alex, I am so thankful to have come across your video! Great material, thank you. I am the author of Chase People Not Money. Perhaps your journey to billions might benefit from a few of my discoveries that I am currently walking in. I am reachable if you get that book. A thought for you after listening to your video: your ambition is about to radically change to the upside.

  • How about this I hire you to come work for me since you have the experience of running multiple businesses and we can become billionaires. You can sit here and make IN-cd videos and talk about how to become a billionaire. Or you can respond to this comment and get the ball rolling.

  • 4:14

  • Hmm reinvesting back into the consumer?

  • I’m so glad you made this video. And that you are genuine.

  • a pattern is clear to be seen

  • The information that you and your wife put out is gold! My wife and I are both entrepreneurs and your channels have been an invaluable asset to our small business.

  • Dude insane guiding principles

  • I appreciate your knowledge. And thanks to the billionaire sharing with you all the gems. See you at the top my friends 🤩👍🏾

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  • Thanks Alex, keep it up. Huge value you can’t find anywhere else! 🤟

  • Subbed liked and now commenting, Alex you are before your time …and kinda like in a weird way, a living legend. This brilliant content is like everything else in history that is truly great… hidden in plain site

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  • I'm 99% sure I know who you talked to. Great advice! I've heard him speak enough that I think I know.

  • Youve added so much value and perspective for me. Thank you Alex, you're a real one.

  • Thanks for sharing Alex!

  • You been chilling with Robert kiosoke 😂

  • The key is incentive.

  • Because that is what billionaires do.

  • i talked to an Olympic Athlete to run the 100meters in 9seconds. I learned so much from him.............. lmfao

  • Awesome content, practical advice I can implement right away. Thanks you!

  • Anyone was able to make a full list of the books in the background? I wanna be sure I've read all that he is reading...

  • I don’t really understand what the billionaire meant but profits being unnatural, can someone flesh out the idea?

  • So powerful, basically were getting hundreds of thousands worth of coaching from billionaires at zero cost, the most important part is to execute on this

  • I’m a superstar. Just saying.

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  • This information is gold. Thank you.

  • I might not be a billionaire but one thing I know for certain is that investments can literally serve as a major factor in helping anybody become one, especially the financial markets.

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    • @Jacob Isabella Jesus Christ that is fat profits if I was making about such I'd probably not have to work all this extra years, you should never give up on your dreams of becoming your own boss. Practically with a million dollars and proper research you literally would have several opportunities being presented to you that can bring about more incomes and it is a very good thing you still have age on side there's no way you can possibly go back poor with that amount of money unless you're a wreck less fellow, albeit what amuses me is how you have been able to balance trading and the 9 - 5 all through the years, not almost every investor can literally assert about generating profits in the market that's pretty astounding

    • I am also well invested into various stocks etfs, crypto, the foreign exchange markets and real estates. This month I just made my first million at 31 and I'm already planning to retire, I don't think I'll be needing much of the 9 - 5 again not when my investments already guarantees me location/financial freedom and it also enables me to spend more quality time with my family, currently I'm passively accumulating over $45k monthly

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  • "Steal it from American tax payers." - Bill Gates

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  • Hes not making a billion dollars...he's selling a billion....I could sell $100 bills for $50 and make over a billion in revenue...

  • I don’t need a billion…I would already very happy with 100k$

  • Nice video. I'm having a difficult time finding the right staff. Just got to keep on plugging away...

  • I'm a beginner entrepreneur and on my first try building a company, I committed one of the common mistakes: "do-it-all-preneur". I've realized that a company might need thousands, millions of work hours a day compared to your 24 hours. Thus, hiring, incentives, culture and so forth are critical in building a company. I can see that Alex Hormozi is legit. Compare him to some fake gurus out there like this 10X guy, they just spout motivational phrases, and technical stuff that your employee should be doing - not you. Fake gurus just sell you endless courses on skills you should be hiring for and not learn yourself; and their victims end up just learning, paying the gurus a lot, and never actually starting a company. With the advice in this video alone, I can see that the viewers are in good hands. Hooray for this channel 🙌 Sub!

  • so basically "you don't have the answers sway!" lol

  • Wow, imagine being able to casually say: "Hey man, I've been stuck on making $30 million a year" and asking for help. Bro that is craazyyy, I like it.

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  • For some reason I think this billionaire persons name starts with K and ends with Y

  • "Profit is unnatural... A business should break even." No wonder the global economy is broken. Too many people who don't understand business trying to make profit.

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  • I like the video just found funny how he was secretly promoting a book. Does anyone know what book I'm talking about. Did you guys notice in the video.

  • My latest lesson in my quest, is that a piece of the pie is way better than none.

  • The reason why you sell +30% to your employees is taxes. Plain and simple - ESOPs. If you sell more than 30% of your C Corp to employees, you can roll your proceeds into any public or private company’s stock and defer cap gains indefinitely. Your welcome.

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  • Great video. To make a lot of money, provide value to others. The more value you bring to people the more money you get. When a company bottlenecks don't be afraid to toss the torch and let someone capable lead for awhile. A leader knows another leader. I call this the "Passing torch strat" Knowing your weaknesses will make you stronger. Different times call for different leaders.

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  • I have a couple of smaller businesses across eCommerce and sourcing; I can't even spend the money I have personally so guess the money itself isn't the problem. These are not super high revenue businesses but the margins are good. I just want to be completely/near free from the businesses; not working within them hence the mistake..... is setting up the business with myself at the center of it. Yes I do believe the 2/3 hires away from more growth and freedom but it is often down to the system and the mindset when starting the companies in the first place. I prefer to just invest in start-ups and this is what I would do with more excess capital. Let someone else do the real work and accept the risk with an advisory role longer-term.

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  • start with 2B!!

  • "I have nothing to sell you" as I look at the book written by him above his head, pulled out of the bookshelf.

  • Just picked up your audible book 100m offer. Great video and keep it up. At 14 min or so you say he won't do under 8% cap rate but the context is he would not want to risk higher 8% cap rate. I get your point on lower cap rate less risk just seem to me like said both (don't touch less 8% and then stay away from higher 8%) sorry if that makes no sense. All in all sweet book and video got my attention on what I will be implementing

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  • Legendary thank You

  • Thank you for being there TRADEOPTION🎡FUND when I wanted you ton..... I was lost in this new world that I was hassled to start with ....you not only guided me along the way but you also showed me the proper way....whatever little I have been able to achieve in life is because of you today ..... I want to thank you for being there and showing me the proper way of doing thing for me you are my best guide as you truly showed me the way to life....once again , I would like to tell you a heartfelt thanks for being there.....................

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  • Points he made with time-stamps: 1:57 - Have self-awareness of your value if you want to have access to people with great wealth. 3:32 - Focus on people to grow your business (My personal opinion: Check out Simon Sinek's books and speeches). 3:48 - You can only have so much influence on people you manage. 4:13 - Understand what levels of talent exist; There are stars and super-stars. 4:27 - Every business that is going to grow and be self sustaining has 3 superstars. - Who's in charge of acquisition (Get's new clients) - Who's in charge of delivery (Delivers on promises) - Who's in charge of operations (Makes sure everything runs smoothly) 5:19 - The guys who make the most money are not afraid to share a piece of the pie. They aren't afraid to share the wealth to allow growth for the company. 6:31 - The most equity you give away is in the beginning. 6:59 - Understand the different between super-stars and stars. 7:51 - The biggest thing that gets in the way of excellence is "good enough". 9:06 - Profit is unnatural; it will only happen through effort. 11:11 - Advanced people are advanced because they never don't do the basics. 12:33 - You need fewer "drivers" and more super-star people to "tend" to the business to make incremental improvements. 13:33 - Focus more on return OF capital instead of return ON capital. 14:54 - Consider less risk rather than maximum rate of return. 16:10 - (This is up for interpretation) "Don't try to get to a billion" Let the pieces you've laid out fall into place, so to speak.

    • Deserves more likes for your efforts

    • Thank you! God bless you! ✨🦋🙌🏻💕

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  • Found you through Bulldog Mindset , I am in his membership awesome content. May I ask how many books you read per year? John suggests that we read at least a book a week. Thanks in advance.

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  • Having private stake in a company that makes 1 billion in revenue doesn’t make you a billionaire. Eg if you own a 50% stake in a firm that made 1B revenue and it’s cost was 800Mil then 200Mil is the profit, of which 100Mil will be attributed to you. But then again the valuation of the firm also matters, as you own 50% of the firm and if the firm is valued at 2B then it makes you a billionaire. So when you want to know if someone is a billionaire, you ask for the valuation and % stake (equity) and not revenue, revenue by itself won’t give too much information.

  • So humble and transparent! Thank you for sharing this valuable information, there are not many great A players out there and the ones that are truly there for your business doing the work deserve great rewards. Leilas videos are so helpful for me too, thank you guys so much and keep inspiring us!

  • You need money to make money. Period.

  • Step 1: shave off the felony-stache

  • I am relaunching my Medical courier company. Had a Soft launch Pre-Covid. I am a Marine Veteran. I have been a Medical courier for over 10 Years. I am ONLY HIRING VETS. That Superstar Well I will build a Team of VETS. We will Be Unstoppable!! Aceso Courier is the Name Aceso is the Greek Goddess of Healing. Named it in 2018! That shows you I saw this Pandemic.

  • Lots of value in this video. Thank you. P.S. You have the same nose-itching (and rubbing) challenge I have when filming IN-cd videos 😂

  • Clear and concise......LEGEND😎

  • People spend a lifetime chasing futility 😏😏😏😏

  • So a way to get to a billion is segmentation of a company that grew to the point where growth is almost impossible and giving the reins of that company to a superstar that was the driving the company to growth.

  • you're a blessing thank you for your videos alex!

  • Great insight massive value in A short video thanks

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