Clever Use of 9 Humble Objects | Turn Waste Into Treasure And Reuse DIY

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Clever Use of 9 Humble Objects | Turn Waste Into Treasure And Reuse DIY

0:00 Start
0:16 Boat socks
0:52 Bottlecap
1:13 Pizza Saver
1:23 Shopping bag
3:24 Shopping bag handle
3:55 Box handle
5:44 Wet paper towel lid
8:00 Toothbrush cover
8:30 Discarded masks


  • Background music 1. Time travelling - Sarah Kang 2. Summer is for falling in love - Sarah Kang 3. More than words - Sarah Kang

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  • Seriously, I spend so much time on thinking about the soap tray… and throwing away bottle caps. Great ideas! Thank you. This channel is brilliant!!!

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  • I wonder why you are writing in Hanja if you are Korean? Are you ethnically Korean but with Chinese nationality? You even have Glasslock tupperware brand 😂

  • When I think of all the valuable plastic trash I've thrown away... O_O I lived in East Germany for a long time, there I learned to save the plastic containers that come with store bought food and use them as free Tupperware. But this is next level, I'm amazed.

  • Thank you for teaching reusing!

  • Great the potato chip one. Thank you.

  • 很喜欢湿巾盖创意、把手用途也很好!口罩的带子我也是每次用完口罩就扯下来回收 ,我主要用途是后院菜地里,绑番茄、豆子瓜藤等等很好用,因为质地绵软而且有弹性不会伤到植株🙂

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  • These are great little ideas .I like the bottle cap soap holder and the paper bag ideas. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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  • It looks wierd with "Huggies" letters attached on a bag of potato chips. 😅

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  • If those old masks were bio hazardous material protecting us from a deadly disease.... would we use the ties? JS

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  • Thanks for your video! I always try to find an another use for recycling material, this is a game for me... With imagination, we can find new possibilities for most items... My favorite in your video is the little box "huggies" we can paint it and put some pearls to... The plastic cap for the soap is simple and effective.... I try to make a tawashi but I make some mistakes so I have to try again :D Best regards of Paris !!!

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  • Minimalism is saying no to all that trash. It saves time when you don't have to fiddle around with plastic and paper. Refuse and reduce your dependence on trash.

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  • The folding paper bags idea is genius! And I might also try to use the mask elastic in other ways, didn't think of it even though I have been cutting them off the masks before throwing it all away

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