Emmet Cohen w/ Bruce Harris & Patrick Bartley | After You've Gone

21/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
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Emmet Cohen - Piano
Bruce Harris - Trumpet
Patrick Bartley - Alto Saxophone
Russell Hall - Bass
Joe Saylor - Drums


  • Does anyone know what saxophone does Patrick use?

  • This is crazy - absolutely unique best of best performance on alto sax. I mean all players are top, but this is one of a kind, in everything - rhytm, tone, sound, technique, improvisation level, tempo, this is the only solo i have heard in last 20 years where the player is comparable to the level of Charlie Parker. I found it accidentally while firstly found the transcription and then landed on this masterpiece of music video.

  • Everyone when COVID finally ceases to exist: 0:48

  • man this whole track is so sick but the ragtime really carried it home!

  • So much fun! Thank you guys! Smiles all around!

  • A masterclass in swing and alto sax technique. Clinically done. Like Bird on Cherokee cross Earl Bostic, got damn. And the keys comping with the tpt too, brilliantly done.

  • Love

  • 3:00 What's thissssss🥰

  • Man that drummer sings the melody in his solo. This I dig

  • How can anyone not like this? As soon as the band started I have a grin plastered on my face!!


  • the saxophone solo was everything.

  • Tasty AF

  • I need this to be on Spotify

  • this really sounds a lot like james p johnson's recording

  • I cannot believe how good this is

  • 1:50 to 2:10 those 50 dislikes just didn't felt it and it pains me

  • Would love a mastered studio version of this!

  • I’ll never get tired of this video

  • 2 wind monsters

  • 4:50 a long good one

  • 3:46 what a beautiful line goosebumps

  • My, my...

  • Fabulous playing on just about every level from all the guys in the band...great music

  • patrick loves benny

  • That is one of the most ridiculously inspired sax solos I've heard in years! Everyone sounds killin, but sometimes one person just has their moment. Patrick, that was definitely yours! Wow

  • Thanks for the wonderful music!

  • wheeeere can i download this in high quality? purchase, i mean? I checked out Future Stride but this was *not on it.*

  • why isn't this on spotify

  • Still gives me chills. Unreal.

  • I’m so happy that everyone in this video exists

  • I just watch this everyday. That's what happens, every single day.

  • I've been having a recurring nightmare for the last week that I have to blow following Patrick Bartley

  • This is something else than 99% of jazz today, in my opinion. Holy crap, I feel this deep inside my soul! Bravo

  • Could you please put this on Spotify?

  • From 0:48 to 4:04 (including Symphony Sid at 3:33) , this is Simply Amazing! ¶ It will be a "reference solo" for a very long time (in fact, _long_ after we're gone ) ...: Thank you, Patrick Bartley ! ,,, /m -eot-

  • Can’t stop listening to this musicians all the same page. Insane creativity

  • This is sooooo fucking great

  • Brilliant! That just brightened up my day :)

  • Dude have iron lungs. No more. Amazing!

  • 0:47 Commenting so i can come back to that point of the video


  • 3:20

  • How did Emmet tune in that rhythm at @3:01 ? is this a kind of cliche?

  • Love it! Just wish the white guy in the mask would get vaccinated already. I'm a pharmacist. So sick of burying bodies.

  • What's the bpm? Everytime i play this intro at home.by myself I'm like "yeah!". Then I try to play along with the IN-cd video and I can barely keep up lol

  • I listen to this at least once a day now

  • I love how in the beginning their playing is so sincere and tender, and by the end they sound like they're celebrating

  • Guys .. transcription to this marvellous Patricks solo PLEASE.

  • this fucked my ears raw and left me begging for more

  • You know, whenever you worry about the future of jazz you see something like this with incredible musicians, all of them so connected, enjoying it, feeling it in an amazing performance of a tune that's over 100 years old and you learn not to worry. Well done fellas, simply amazing.

  • 🤩

  • this made me cry 10 times now holy fuck

  • how can a band grooooooove like this 😛😛😛

  • He had too time travel from the 40’s. Idc what anybody says lol

  • Man this alto player 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. His tone though🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I’ve listened to this one million times 🔥

  • Omg, amazing

  • Unrivaled skill ✅ Supreme Artistry ✅ Incredible tone ✅ Improvisation Intuition ✅ Anime T-Shirt ✅

  • Maravilha!!!!!!!

  • Yo the drummer did it so smooth at 2:45

  • The sax solo is so cool, I hear some Bix Beiderbecke ideas

  • Unbelievable dude

  • Thank g.d I found you guys 😎👍

  • Take the mask OFFFFF!!!

  • 3:24 Went so hard the camera broke

  • Patrick Bartley everyone!!

  • what a saxo player

  • Such an amazing performance!

  • How does this only have 12k likes?! IN-cd has been recommending this to me every day since it was uploaded and I can't resist every time.

  • First heard this just a couple of days ago and keep coming back to it - as I see from comments many people are doing. Can't add anything to the eloquent appreciation others have written but just want to say it's a great joy to listen to the enthusiasm of all you people and feel part of the musical world which has ears for this genius.

  • Just listening to this again. Pulled me right out of the August doldrums.

  • Almost forgot to watch this today

  • This video is still getting like 10k+ views a week, great job guys.

  • When I think I'm an accomplished musician, this is where I come to have my ego torn apart.

  • Bruce Harris looks like a young Dizzy

  • Long lost ragtime boggie woggie !!! Bravo !!!

  • This is like the best video on IN-cd

  • 3:23 the screen simply couldn't handle the sheer fire, holy crapperino's

  • One of the best pianists living on the earth right now

  • 2:06 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Monster's Inc. intro type beat

  • i love jazz

  • 03:49 what the fuck

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • I know Bird, Diz, Duke, Bud and all the greats are looking down and smiling at these amazing musicians who followed in their footsteps. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎼🎺🎷


  • Gotta love Bruce Harris' interest in Emmet's comping

  • Oh, my God!

  • Kaepernick killing it on them keys tho

  • Do you really want to solo next? Bruce handles it very well.

  • Wow.

  • Russell's whole fit is extravagant

  • 2:06

  • I love that part where everyone is being awesome.

  • The music comes back to life

  • Decades later, this is still gonna be referenced as one of the legendary renditions of this tune.

  • 43 people couldn’t find beat 1. 😆

  • Monsters Inc.

  • Wow😨🥰