Live in Relationship lo Kastalu | Part - 2 | Soniya Singh | Rowdy Baby | South Indian Logic

4/09/2020 को प्रकाशित
Part :1

Cast: Soniya Singh, Pavan Sidhu, Sri kumari
Written by: Ajith Reddy
Dop: Sunny JP
Editor: Sai Krishna Naredla
Production Manager : Surya T
Publicity Designer : Shyam Veeravalli
Directed by: Navachethan Reddy
A @southindianlogic Original

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  • Super your love story hood all the Best mama so Cote 👍🤔🤔👌👌

  • Guru aa ammyi ki aitye 100 Mark's esta guru

  • It is so funny ,,maramaralu maramaralu kavala

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  • Chinni❤️ doctor sir❤️

  • She is cute....

  • Pellina kathalo episode 8 please

  • Most worst female actor. No acting. Only standing

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  • Can someone teach me very interested in learning telugu...but I couldn't find a tutor....plZZ..CAN someone teach me.......

  • You are loving with her really

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  • 9:53 super

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  • Sidu is so handsome & Soniya is so cute...

  • Can you please put english subtitles. Bcoz there are lot of non-telugu viewers like me who would to watch telugu series.

  • Sosweet

  • Don't promote these kind of videos...Live in relationship is not our culture

  • 👍💐

  • Iam waiting for next episode so good and so lovely

  • She handled parents better among both 👏

  • Soo nice your naturality

  • Good luck guys

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  • అజిత్ మాయ..ఇది..కాకపోతే శ్రీకుమారి గారిచేత కూడా మేజిక్ చేయించావ్..చాలా మెచ్యూర్డ్ గా నటించారు ఆవిడ..ఇంక జాదూగర్స్ సోనియా,సిద్ధు ఎప్పుడూ "అద్బుతమే" చేస్తారు..వాళ్ళని అస్తమానూ పొగడను "దిష్టి" తగులుతుంది.. మా,మీ(రౌడీబేబీ)బంగారాలు వాళ్ళు.. రెమ్యునరేషన్ కొంచెం పెంచండి వాళ్ళిద్దరికీ.. 😉😁

  • Vere cute pair

  • Alanti mummy web series la lone untundi😂😂 Reality lo aite flying chappal recieve avutay 😂😂😂

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  • Very beautiful and funny bro

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  • did anyone notice the hickey on the actor's neck, may be soniya gave it lol

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  • Change your girlfriend

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  • Hi papa u r voice is amazing... 😉😉😉

  • Congrats soniya...u expressions was killing...cho cute 😘... U did a great job....❤️keep smiling 😊 & rock on

  • Baby❤

  • I likes a lot🧡

  • Short film.lo act cheyali ani naku chala estam bro but yala try cheyalo ways theliyadu meru cheptara

    • Send your portfolio to

  • Real life loo kuda itlaa untee entha baagumtumdi..but there are lot of problems for relation couples 😔..okavipu parents ni bhada pettaleem and love chesina ammayini vadulukooleem🤧 of the best Film..I hope everyone one get succeede in their relations ❤️👍☺️

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  • Really you are looking like a baby by looking that bubbly cheeks by that your each and every expressions was delivered in so good I feel that may you feel that heartfully doing this work

  • Rowdy Baby your innocence with shyness and Excitement expressions were amazing

  • i love soniya so i watch again &again

  • Dairy milk

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  • వెబ్ ఎపిసోడ్స్ నుండి సీరియల్ కి ప్రమోషన్ వచ్చినందుకు కంగ్రాట్స్ సోనియా

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