Making the best chocolate in the world! First-class chocolatier craftsmanship in japan! COCO KYOTO

15/01/2020 को प्रकाशित
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While eating and walking around Kyoto, I found a chocolate shop that looked interesting.

Immediately after asking for coverage over the phone, it was safe and OK.

COCO KYOTO gathers the finest local ingredients and the best cacao beans from all over the world under the theme of "Kyoto Food Culture and Health", and is ideal for health-conscious, sugar-free, gluten-free and food additive-free. I'm looking for chocolate.

It was a good craft chocolate maker that won the international chocolate contest "International Chocolate Awards" for three consecutive years, 2017, 2018, 2019.

I was healed for the atmosphere of the last clerk, so I put it in the main part.

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  • 8:25 me after taco bell

  • Ever heard of a mixing bowl?

  • Cuales son los ingredientes?

  • Who wants a bar?

  • It's not expensive if you share the pays with your friends

  • Y agregó un comentario importante, la Calidad Premium o Gourmet es como el Dinero, es más caro, el que No hay.

  • Gracias por el presente Video. Yo fabricaba un chocolate de mesa, dulce, semuamargo y amargo de la marca XOCOATL (mundialmente desconocido) y terminé pir dejar de producirlo de manera artesanal ya que no tenía suficientes ventas. Les ageadezco si me comparten la información del equipo industrial para elaborar el chocolate, marca, precio y País qye lo produce.

  • why the cheap plastic mold ?

  • ちゃんと英語と日本語入れてくれるのありがたい

  • 温度測らずできるようになるまで何年かかるんやろう

  • ここまで来たらチョコも幸せだろうな

  • O prêmio q aparece no vídeo é da amêndoa e não do chocolate. Ele comprou uma amêndoa premiada para fazer o chocolate. Chocolate Bean to Bar! 😋

  • I like how the music stopped when they were packaging

  • And you eat hole barr in one minute 🤔😋😋

  • بعد مااكل شي اله ياباني 😂نضافه فول

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  • Name of the Chocolate Brand?

  • こんな感じなんだなぁ、見てて楽しかったし改めて勉強になりました!ありがとうございます!とても美味しそうですね!😋 手作業とか、想いを感じます!!🔥

  • El de mi tía chenchis está mejor 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Damn I don’t even have to make it 1.25x faster lol

  • 包装の時にチョコレート溶けそう……

  • ウィリーウォンカの金のチケット入りの チョコレートかと思ったww

  • No hay mejor chocolate que el de México, buen intento!

  • Parece dulce de leche

  • I am hungry

  • Me at 5:25 : Okay it's ready now, let me eat it already!!

  • Hears"hrm I will give you 2 wheat"

  • No hay ni un comentario en español

  • Looks tasty

  • The music in the background sounds like Mario sunshine, not only i wanna play GameCube now, I'm also very hungry as well. 😬

  • 使ったもの全部舐める係したい

  • すばらしい

  • Follow back 🤧👍

  • Вкуснее Алма-атинского шоколада нет нигде и не может быть.

  • I love sweet, especially chocolate of all kinds

  • Eikö.tuos.suklaantekemises.oo.suuri.pöpövaara.en.näe.terveellistä.😞🤮

  • anda que debe ser barato jajaja madre mia, ese sistema es de hace 100 años

  • Cost?

  • こぼれたところめっちゃ欲しい

  • 字幕めちゃめちゃ種類あるのに日本無いのなんか悲しくて草

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  • これだけの工程と手間があるなら 高級店の価格にも納得 料理というか最早芸術に 近い気もする

  • 👍💖💓

  • So what’s the difference of the flavours between the handmade ones and the factories’?


  • Worth every dollar. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.

  • Thiz shocolatte muzt ve uxpunzive.

  • TarumLüg Programmierer der Master K.I. .

  • 🇯🇵🍣🏯🗾🗻🗼👘

  • To all European and American chocolatiers out there: Roses are red, violets are blue, there is always an asian better than you.

  • 搞噱頭 呵呵

  • Ручная работа. Супер

  • ただ均一に冷やすためにすごい手間がかかっているんですね。大きい工場などではおそらく自動化されてそうですね。

  • Дрочево, вся ценность этой шоколадки в ручном труде.

  • Nejlepší čokolády na světě mají v Peru !

  • That looks sooo delicious!

  • Now you just needed to kiss it goodbye...

  • Hmmm, I want some.

  • Amo chocolate

  • Que legal tem legenda em português, amei

  • Muita frescura aff

  • I loved how they stopped the music in 15:30 until he finally manages to put the bar inside of the final cover.

  • Eso ya está uy industrializado,quien va a tener todos los artefactos para hacer un chocolate así

  • 4:46 vs 15:58 , but still delicious

  • I think the dedication of a chocolatier is really amazing, how from them sorting, roasting, smoothing the cocoa beans to finally become chocolate bars that are ready to be packaged neatly and beautifully,that's all really precious!! Good job!!

  • que son esos polvos amarillos que le hecha

  • 4:44 A huge shitload of sugar !!!

  • 最後パッケージに入れるときにモタつくのかわいい

  • I looked into the pricing. . Its $13.20 USD

  • impressionante

  • Que porcentaje de cacao tiene?, que reemplaza al fruto del monte?

  • Thanks for this video! Chocolate can get a bad rap because of all the added sugar it may contain. However, dark chocolate or raw cocoa nibs have 0-maybe 6 g of added sugar, if you’re buying 80-95% cocoa. Always check the ingredient label to see how much added sugar is present, and consider buying dark chocolate or raw cocoa nibs!

  • This should be ASMR (For some bits)

  • Production: ten tablets/day

  • 12:37 What is citron?

  • As a belgian i take offence,the absolute best chocolate in the world is made in the artisanal chocolate district of antwerp...itll cost u 500dollars a kilo but then u get to taste the real deal

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  • I think it’s a very nice creative candy and it takes a lot of knowledge or practice to make it, but I think I’ll be able to make this perfect candy if I play sports after a while! There are also interesting things on my channel, but this sweet is very great and delicious too !! Strength, health have a nice day everyone! 👍☀️👆

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  • Spend as much time wrapping the fucking thing as you do making it. All to be ruined with that shitty fruit peel inside.

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