Mandala Inspired Tie-Dye Tapestry DIY!

14/03/2016 को प्रकाशित
I hope you enjoyed watching me create my tapestry, I'll happily take any questions/comments down below! Please leave me any video suggestions (DIY videos included ;D) down below as well! Thanks for watching!
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Also here's the link to Don's awesome Tie-Dye video!:


  • Not like

  • *It's smokeing

  • It's snowing cuz u put it n the microwave pendeja ur not supposed to put that shit in the fukin family microwave u bimbo Ur supposed to let it dry on its own

  • Grey n black coo

  • Guys r u watching this video ok stop it right on 3:25 omg if u see on her face it looks like where her eyes are supposed to be it looks hollowed like if there gone or just black

  • At 34.35 in the video you can see the face two eyes nose mouth look at this is really sick see if you can see it

  • Did you see the two eyes that is sick

  • Magnificent Work !!! Dear, Need more tutorial like this. Please, make some new tutorial about Tie-Dye/Batik/Applique !!

  • you the man Dave.

  • Always have gloves on ..

  • waaooooo

  • It looks like there is a butterfly/face on it. That's pretty cool.

  • it looks like there is butterfly or moth in the middle. thats cool

  • Awesome! Just remember whether you tie dye a tshirt or a sheet soak stuff in soda ash for 20 min first. I use the washing machine with large items. The spin cycle can do the work. No spray bottle necessary. Peace

  • I know exactly which video you were referring to that you got your inspiration from. His video was AMAZING! I loved it. But never microwave fabric like that. Just let it sit and let it do its thing naturally. Nice job with how yours came out. The middle bled a bit much, but it's a learning process. :)

  • ur so cute

  • hiiiii can I buy oneee?

  • I like it - Amazed at your 'daring' - SEVEN MINUTES IN THE MICROWAVE??? uh.....I cracked up at you "and it was smoking" - I love it and the colors - looks like indigo - i also have two tips - 1) a little more patience - - applying the dye more slowly and WAITING the 24 hours rather than putting that s*it in the family microwave - might be a less messy option - 2) always wear your gloves when untying! Cheers! KUTGW

  • Anyone else see ET with a butterfly on his mouth?

    • Haley Nicole ha ha ha yes!!!

  • Looks like a skull when you opened it up took a screenshot but couldn't post a photos 💀

  • btw you can take water and but food coloring to make tie die and also you dont need yarn for this you can use a hair tie

  • That's tie dye not mandala btw☺️

  • the way you are holding it up for us to see. it looks like a black heart at the top an a butterfly under it. (in the middle) amazing what tie die can do live the piece

  • Wow. That was stunning. You were so worried about the results. You said it was nice . For me it's looking gorgeous and amazing. This is one of the BEST tie dye video tutes I have watched. You are such a lovely lady and so humble too. Thanks for making me smile. Thanks for sharing and caring. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • You need to rinse out with water before you wash it with detergent.

  • Why did you not just use a light garden hose? Do you think that would have worked?

  • It looks AWESOME!!

  • enjoyed your vid! you are well spoken & well mannered! thanx for mkg this vid, this is exactly what i was looking for. I wanted to make a tie dyed tapestry.

  • awsome

  • I think i'm inlove with this diy

    • Kristen Marie me too

  • Did you use just black? or grey too?

  • it looks like a little monster in the middle

  • who else saw a face on it


  • love it, you can see 2 eyes in the lower centre and when you flip it upside down after washing it to looks like a bat face :)

  • I think the reason it smokes is because you microwaved it in Tupperware you aren't supposed to microwave that

  • Too long of a video, not worth the time. To many f-bombs.

    • then why did you watch it then?

    • +Sarah Sirois nobody gives a fuck* 😉😂

    • nobody cares

  • I don't understand how you only have 120-some subscribers! You are amazing! ❤️


  • AMAZING!!!

  • This is pretty cool I see a face but that's just me. :D