Restoration of a Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date - Ref 1500 Caliber 1570

21/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
This time I´m restoring a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date.
The reference number of the watch is 1500, it features a hacking-function (movement-stop when the time is set) and an instant date-change function.
It´s powered by the Rolex 1570 caliber an automatic movement with 26 rubis and KIF-Ultraflex-Shock-Protection. It beats with 19800 bph and the lift angle of the balance is 52°.
Like nearly all Rolex calibers its chronometer-certified, tested in 5 positions and various temperatures.
Of course it is nicely decorated, the blue shining Breguet-Hairspring of the balance wheel (made out of Glucydur) and the red-anodized reversing wheels of the automatic subassembly is always eye candy.

The watch is in a really bad condition: The case is scratched and has some dents, the glass is heavily scratched and the movement isn´t running at all. On top, it´s all dirty and the bracelet is heavily worn-out.

I´m able to polish the case and the bezel, one dent on the bezel will remain but replacing it was not an economical option for me. The glass will be replaced, as well as the bracelet. Some bracelets can be restored by special workshops, but the Oyster-Bracelet is a bit extra special and a full restoration is nearly the same price like a new one. The pallet fork of the movement is damaged, so i´m replacing this one.

After everything is cleaned and polished, I can re-assemble the movement with some fresh oil. After some fine-tuning with the microstella-tool, this watch is in a fantastic beat (+0 seconds per day) again.

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