Sold out every day! The hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times!

30/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
Sold out every day! The hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times!

🔴💰 Price
엘더 클래식(Elder classic) KRW 11,000 / USD 9.88
더블 엘더 클래식(Double elder classic) KRW 14,000 / USD 12.58
엘더 밸리 버거(Elder belly burger) KRW 13,500 / USD 12.13
뉴클래식(New classic) KRW 11,000 / USD 9.88
치킨 산도(Chicken sando) KRW 9,500 / USD 8.53
감자튀김(French fries) KRW 6,000 / USD 5.39
어니언링(Onion rings) KRW 7,000 / USD 6.29

🔴📌 Location
📍서울 성동구 서울숲2길 40-7 1층 엘더버거🇰🇷
40-7, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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  • Such a great effort make this more delicious 👍

  • Respekt för cleaness and hope they always clean now this real Burger made with passion 10/10

  • Amazing, now my own cookings gonna taste like swamp slime !

  • بصراحه طريقة العمل رؤؤؤؤؤؤؤعه بس البيره خرب كلشي ؟؟؟؟

  • Eating dead animal flesh is what's killing people.

  • 잠결에 수상한 햄버거로 보고 뭐가 그리 수상한가 했네ㅋㅋ

  • Fight was over when he started off by making his own bread.....

  • Oh, but that bacon! 😍😍😍

  • wow.. what an effort... must be worth the money

  • Not the ham burger 🍔 we deserve But the ham burger we needed 🍔🍔❤️

  • These burgers could beat the krabby patty recipe 🍔

  • The likelihood of visiting Korea someday was just bumped up several notches.

  • all that sauce and condiments hid the flavour of the burger. such a disgrace that this has won even once!

  • Wow! Looks like I am going to have to up my burger game!!

  • Too much condiments

  • 😛😲🍽️💯

  • I'm never putting ketchup, mustard or mayo on a burger like that.

    • You absolutely should. Or a homemade sauce with relish or chopped picked even.

  • Too much ketchup - good grief!

  • Who knew you could make a bun from 95% butter 🤣

  • If its sold out every day, these guys need to buy more meat.

  • Puerco en una hamburguesa...

  • Pega que vocês estão tão longe puxa vida ..... Meus parabéns . Aqui iria comer uns dois

  • Sensacional uau que delicia

  • Well, maybe I'll start my diet next month??

  • All that effort, and it's stil so cheap?!!! Wow, definitely going here

  • Why am I crying?!

  • Next time I am in Korea I will look them up.

  • This may be a great burger, but it should not be the best in the US!

  • Korea beats America at making American food....looks so delicious 😋

    • @Jacob Bell Like any good restaurant where ever you live. Stop going to chain places like Red Robin or In and Out or Teds and find a good local restaurant that works hard and has great food. Check trip advisor reviews, ask around.

    • @Bob Stoner like what

    • Nah your just going to bad restaurants. Plenty of places work this hard

  • My arteries are clogging just watching this.

  • The food outside of the US is soo much better. I'm confused how this could be the "hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times" if it's it's foreign country?

  • sorry but my burgers are far better and not exposed to an open flame which is highly carcinogenic,, Not the kind of burger you want to eat after a heart valve replacement, but there is a way to make a burger super tasty and addicting and healthy

  • I would gladly buy you a hamburger tomorrow....

  • it's not a real burger unless a potato roll is used.

  • Wow! Everything is homemade from the bun right down to the special sauce. No wonder this gets an award for best burger every year. So much time & care is put into making these burgers special.

  • 18,000 vegetarians for some reason do not appreciate this video

  • There’s a lot of passion put into these burgers 🍔

  • 21:20 Where did the blob land?

  • margarine - is like eating plastic . It was put in the bun dough . So how do we know that this is not dog meat since the country called Korea has dog meat farms and it is common to purchase a skinned dog at their street markets yes in 2021

  • It's called "Heart attach burger" actually

  • It all looks great. I would knock a few back myself. I would love to see their interpretation of a lamb burger. THAT would be great!!!

  • they literally make their own bacon

  • 😋

  • I love your video, I teach Persian food myself

  • I wonder what the overall health is where these burgers are being eaten??

  • Real eggs? Not eggpowder, good

  • God, the bread made of this kind of dough will be very delicious even if my slippers are used as a sandwich.

  • The special lawyer coincidentally skip because manager progressively avoid atop a married goat. somber, sore slope

  • that is A lot of fat in one video!

  • Hello to any fellow masochists. I've come here to salivate while I eat a dumb healthy snack.

  • Indians better learn hygiene from them

  • Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm

  • When opening the recommendation, I thought 10 for a classic or 12,5 for a double is a bit steep in a streetfood joint. Now, after watching the entire video (with utter satisfaction, I might add), I wish I could spend my money there. If only....(sigh)...

  • 👍👍👍

  • That is everything my doctor told me to stay away from. Good thing I never listen to her. I want one!

  • Desmatamento que lute! Mundo capitalista.

  • This seems like to much work for a burger. Looks good but takes to long. You have to pay the employees to do all that work. Then sell it at a price that customers can afford. I don't see this becoming a chain restaurant. Plus go to a local butcher shop. They use all their steak trimmings for ground beef. You will get a mixture of rib steak, loin strip, tenderloin, top sirloin and a better amount of fat. They won't put in any preservatives or pink slime. Best burger ever at half the cost. Ones it's ground you won't tell the difference. I'm a butcher and do it everyday. It amazes me when people come in and want 5 pounds of rib steak ground up for the best burger. You try and tell them just get are ground beef. It will be the same flavor if not better for such a lower cost per pound. But still a good video.

  • Perhaps I have NEVER SEEN Anything so Magnificent !🥺😮❤️

  • I can't stop watching food porn.

  • “Season with salt and pepper so you can enjoy the original flavor of the beef…” Proceeds to smother 87 pounds of multiple sauces on every burger.

  • What the heck is chicken acidity?

  • In n out meets Gordon Ramsey

  • Sue this place for obesity...just because we can make a buger like this doesn't mean we should...make it smaller charge the same price feed the difference to homeless and the hungery around the world...this is what should be done...but we humans care less for all around us extinction is too good for us

  • And all twelve meals in this video is all they sike that day....judging for the prep process.

  • Where is it

  • What does this wonderful burger cost? I guess if you have to ask you can't afford it...

  • I would have ground the bacon into the patty. But looks great!

  • having burgers and fries there would be like riding a lambo with a donkey tied to it

  • Art

  • Artwork

  • Legit.

  • these should be 30 dollar burgers for the time taken to make them

  • So there are costcos in south Korea?

  • I would so love to have one of those burgers 🍔.

  • This place is legit, come on down to the east coast USA!

  • What's this? 9:10

  • Huuuungrrrry now!!!

  • This has to be the best asmr I've watched

  • SADLY big problem.. this place is not in the USA.. so its not the best in the USA..where the heck is this place ill fly in

  • respect wow, come to Canada

  • Yes please, and thank you!

  • My god - that's impressive - an art of making it the right way. And its so so so much work

  • oof man... this made me hungry. Where is the nearest location to me... oh! it's actually in Korea. Huh... welp, time to go to Korea! who wants to tag along?

  • Imitarao o brasil no jeito de faser o bacon defumado

  • esta chido

  • I hate it when people put cheese on burgers and everything, especially that overly processed crap. I think it's silly how there are burger places near me that actually charge the SAME price for a burger with/without cheese and when you tell them you'd t ather not have cheese you just manage to get a blank stare or they treat you like a crazy person. I even tried to order a couple bean burritos from Taco Bell a month ago and said no cheese Fresco style and lo and behold they put a shitload of cheese on them instead of the Pico De Gallo salsa with the extra onions, I didn't even get the 4 hot sauce packets I requested nor any napkins. There is a reason my wife and I only eat out roughly 1-2 times a month and cook almost all of our meals at home and price isn't the only reason.

  • Wagu beef, home made bread, house smoke bacon and homegrown greens make this next level, plus we have thousands of fast food burgers that aren’t really burgers comparatively. I wish I could try one

  • They make a great burger patty and then ruin them with the fifteen things they put on them at the end...

  • how much they cost??

  • no pickles?

  • fledgling restaurant owners or prospective buyers take note. everything is done to a science; portioned well, freshly made every day, quality ingredients, and the food speaks for itself. Stick to a small menu, perfect it yourself, teach that to your chefs, and then let the business run itself once customers consistently show up.

  • Not the best vid to watch while having the munchies!

  • Big Mac!. Any day.😜

  • Can we have the recipe?

  • way too much hassle to make a nice burger. All these super hygienic steps are a bit too much for me.

  • Fun fact: grey flesh is caused by bacteria. It usually happens when the product is too old and is part of decay.

  • All that fat, all that sugar, and the fat, and the sugar, and also the fat and the sugar. Is this an american recipe?

  • I went from: "That secret sauce looks disgusting" 🤢 To: "I want everything" 🤤

  • Chicken acidity?