TSP Creative Corner: How to Tie Dye a Sun Mandala

9/06/2017 को प्रकाशित
An in depth video teaching how to tie dye a sun mandala.

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  • Gorgeous ❤

  • lots of ice dying now maybe you could do another with ice? stil.trying to get you to do more lol

  • i have watched this video many times over the years. sure wish you would do more!

    • It's the wind chimes.... :D

  • I totally loved your video! Except the chimes and then the music. Please you are enough! The chimes and background music are a total distraction

  • Love the gloves

  • awesome creation well done thanks for sharing

  • Beautiful tapestry. I just followed your fold. Question for you. The very middle of the tapestry.. did you tie all the zip ties tight? I'm using sinew but trying to look at your final result of reveal.. I dont see the circles the pattern would create. Do you have a picture of the final tapestry? I have it on pause but cant see it well. Thank you

    • Thank you, will have to see if we have a photo

  • I don’t know why y’all are so pressed it’s not hard to hear her 😂 great tutorial ❤️

  • Please put those chimes in another room

  • I hate wind chimes

    • We all hate the wind chimes.... that is a given. LOL

  • That was really really beautiful,i admire all of them😉🤩

  • Love the concept. I wish I could hear it. I'm partially deaf.

  • Awesome!

  • Zip ties??What the hell?? That's total overkill! Use string or rubber bands so much better, and cheaper

  • To fast on the folding, couldn't follow

  • Que cosa mas linda, exelente.

  • Really love wind chimes, but not competing with your voice.

  • ugh... LOUD music . something soft BACKGROUND music would make it way better. don't need a drum solo

  • Bad for the environment - dyes go into our water system and plastic in the landfill. Textiles is the number one contributor to pollution on the planet (oil industry is second). Rubber bands degrade in a short period especially if exposed to sun - plastic takes over a 1000 years.

    • Appreciate you leaving a comment :)

    • Play the long game. Plastics make a slow carbon footprint possible.

  • Amazing I'm so into the dye all of a sudden and I have been wanting a tapestry for my wall and this will be the perfect marriage of the 2. Trying this today. Happy Friday

    • So awesome! Have fun with it! Would love to see the finished tapestry. :-)

  • Hello! it`s me Tamas! This is great!!! I have a big question! What kind of ink do you use? Thanks

    • Hi There! We use Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes. You can purchase them online here: www.dharmatrading.com/dyes/dharma-fiber-reactive-procion-dyes.html

  • thank you for sharing tie dyeing this beautiful and fascinating sun mandala but would you kindly consider to use strings or reusable bands instead of plastic zip to tie the works for a slightly greener environment. There is indeed a lot of wastage in one-off disposable plastics strips, not to mention the pollution caused.

  • Plz tell me

  • Bas ye white bed sheet ka hi banta hai kya other colours ka nahi ban sakta kya

  • "WOW" BEAUTIFUL... (Sorry, I had to mute this video so I could watch it... the wind chimes was too loud). But I love what you did... Awesome

  • Less cow bells please...haha I can not hear you

    • Appreciate you leaving a comment :)

    • lol You and my husband can start an anti-cowbell club... On the real, though, sorry about the sound.

  • великолепно!!!!!!!

  • The music on this was so loud compared to your voice that I had to keep grabbing the remote to turn it down cuz I didn’t want to wake my husband. Very beautiful piece! You made me want to try this 😀

    • Appreciate you leaving a comment :)

    • Glad I could inspire you! Sorry about the sound!

  • I do not understand what's happening with the zip ties

  • ( : "Amazing tie dying girl keep up the excellent work! Oh yeah thank the LORD for your skill's!" : )

  • so cool for you to share this !! I am going to do my first Mandela now !!

  • Hmmmm cleavage

  • That came out really nice. Good video.


  • Beautiful, thanks for making this video but the wind chimes make it very hard to watch.

  • beautiful

  • It's a shame that between the chimes and low volume we can't hear you

    • We are working on fixing the audio issues on upcoming videos.

  • Good stuff here . I did my first dyes today , 5 t-shirts , none were all that great . But, I did get really cool images ... a Fox head, an angel and a frog face . I know that practice . I really want to make a few tapestries that I can be proud of and be part of our yearly camping trip . Great tutorial !

  • Question: are the dyes expensive and what brand do you use.

    • www.dharmatrading.com/dyes/dharma-fiber-reactive-procion-dyes.html

    • We get our dyes from Dharma Trading, get the fiber reactive dyes they work the best.

  • Love it mama! I'm totally inspired and am going to make some! Thank you!

  • Totally awesome!!

  • hey so called "tribe" guys. use yarn instead of plastic cable binders or at least reusable rubber bands. the enviroment will appreciate it.

  • awesome i learned alot!

  • very nice

  • I bennifit so much from coming back to watch agin and agin these first tutorials how to tie Dye and espesholy with the mandalas.

  • Oh my gosh!!! Absolutely gorgeous!! I think I may attempt this on my aerial silks!! If I want a more pastel finish, should I only let it sit for 1-2 days instead of 3?

    • As Bloody Werewolf said, you can water the dye down to create a pastel, or you can buy the exact shade you want from Dharma Trading. www.dharmatrading.com/dyes/dharma-fiber-reactive-procion-dyes.html

    • SM_luxeloves, you should actually only leave the dye in for 24 hours. The Soda Ash in the soak (which activates the dye) will only stay active for that long. Any longer won't change anything. To make a pastel color you can water down the dye before applying or use a chemical called Urea + warm water (7tsp urea + 1cup warm water) and add that to the dye before applying. Hope this helps :)

  • Good lord the wind chimes drown out what you're saying.

  • that's so beautiful. Thanks for the Tutorial.

  • Thanks, Ya'll! :) And thanks for the tip, Ashley!

  • Omg SO beautiful XD

  • Flippin beautiful!!!

  • beautiful!! first tutorial that explained well how to do it after i watched a buttload of them!

  • the wind chimes sound beautiful but its distracting and hard to hear u over:)