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Hello my dear friend.This is my channel.There will be many different funny and useful videos on this channel.LOVE YOU ALL


0:27MONSTER BAY-WATCH😍dednahype show #shorts
MONSTER BAY-WATCH😍dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 159K20 घंटे पहले
OMG.HE IS A MONSTER.BAD SON #shortsदृश्य 69K20 घंटे पहले
0:20WOW.BEST GRANDPA.Dednahype show #shorts
WOW.BEST GRANDPA.Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 57K20 घंटे पहले
0:25PRANK AND FAIL😳😂Dednahype show #shorts
PRANK AND FAIL😳😂Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 71K20 घंटे पहले
0:18Grandpa lost the bet😳😂Дедушка проиграл #shorts
Grandpa lost the bet😳😂Дедушка проиграл #shortsदृश्य 52K20 घंटे पहले
OMG SORRY GRANPA.BAD SON %shortsदृश्य 62K20 घंटे पहले
0:26FAILL Challenge.Cute Kid.Dednahype show #shorts
FAILL Challenge.Cute Kid.Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 1.8Mदिन पहले
0:26GRANPA AND KID.BAD SON 🥺 dednahype show #shorts
GRANPA AND KID.BAD SON 🥺 dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 2Mदिन पहले
MONSTER AND KID.SCARED GRANDPA #shortsदृश्य 695Kदिन पहले
0:29OMG.POOR GRANPA.Why did he do this?#shorts
OMG.POOR GRANPA.Why did he do this?#shortsदृश्य 723Kदिन पहले
0:08FAILED PRANK 😂 Dednahype show
FAILED PRANK 😂 Dednahype showदृश्य 165Kदिन पहले
0:26OMG NO. Robbed grandfather .dednahype show #shorts
OMG NO. Robbed grandfather .dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 893Kदिन पहले
0:31WOW. CHILD GAVE HIM A PHONE.Dednahype show #shorts
WOW. CHILD GAVE HIM A PHONE.Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 498Kदिन पहले
0:30SPIDERMAN VS BAD SON.Part 1.Dednahype show #shorts
SPIDERMAN VS BAD SON.Part 1.Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 132Kदिन पहले
0:13OMG. Pushed grandpa.#shorts
OMG. Pushed grandpa.#shortsदृश्य 224Kदिन पहले
0:16REAL FRIENDSHIP? Dednahype show #shorts
REAL FRIENDSHIP? Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 587Kदिन पहले
0:23PRANK.Granpa gave money and MACBOOK.#shorts
PRANK.Granpa gave money and MACBOOK.#shortsदृश्य 122Kदिन पहले
0:19MONSTER VS BAD BOYS .Dednahype show Part 15#shorts
MONSTER VS BAD BOYS .Dednahype show Part 15#shortsदृश्य 184Kदिन पहले
0:24PRANK FROM GRANPA.Dednahype Show #shorts
PRANK FROM GRANPA.Dednahype Show #shortsदृश्य 313Kदिन पहले
0:30OMG.Saved grandfathers life.Dednahype#shorts
OMG.Saved grandfathers life.Dednahype#shortsदृश्य 467Kदिन पहले
0:13SPIDERMAN VS JOKER.Save life Granpa#shorts
SPIDERMAN VS JOKER.Save life Granpa#shortsदृश्य 219Kदिन पहले
0:16Eggs PRANK for Granpa.Dednahype#shorts
Eggs PRANK for Granpa.Dednahype#shortsदृश्य 127Kदिन पहले
0:22BABY STOPPED TIME.Dednahype show
BABY STOPPED TIME.Dednahype showदृश्य 412Kदिन पहले
0:21Took  phone  the child.Dednahype#shorts
Took phone the child.Dednahype#shortsदृश्य 32Mदिन पहले
0:25OMG.Why  child take the candy?#shorts
OMG.Why child take the candy?#shortsदृश्य 3.2Mदिन पहले
0:11Joker vs Children.Dednahype
Joker vs Children.Dednahypeदृश्य 1.9Mदिन पहले
0:24Bad guys hurt grandpa.Dednahype. #shorts
Bad guys hurt grandpa.Dednahype. #shortsदृश्य 1.6Mदिन पहले
0:28Monster vs Dad. Dednahype show #shorts
Monster vs Dad. Dednahype show #shortsदृश्य 38Mदिन पहले


  • Who is that mother f**king son!!!!!!???????

  • Aradığın Türk benim kardeş 😊

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  • Bruv I luv how she’s a gold digger

  • Bad guy your dimod

  • Вы рворааоалрарала на г и кграгаганана

  • Девочка: ХАЙ БИЧ

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  • Sons are the meanist if I was there I could have helped the so s father

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  • At the beginning was sad 😭 But the end was ok

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  • Дедушка Буте здоровы и всем счастье

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  • the son is disrespectful

  • Lol not going to lie this video is funny 🤣🤣

  • It's soo bad only dad and mom know the value of money

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